Inbound Marketing

We have a powerful tool that integrates CRM, digital marketing, sales, team management and post-sales service solutions in a single platform, to facilitate the implementation of the inbound methodology.

Inbound Marketing

The best way to get and keep more customers.

Inbound marketing is a methodology based on attracting customers with relevant and useful content that adds value at each stage of the sales process.

Its main advantages:

  • Simplifies marketing and sales work
  • Increases visibility and brand awareness
  • Educate your target audience
  • Generates quality traffic and leads
  • It's more cost-effective and allows you to measure ROI
  • Increases trust / Improves customer relations

The Inbound Methodology

Sales Funnel

From stranger to buyer

No matter what stage of the sales process your customer is in: attraction, conversion to prospect, qualification or closing the deal, our Inbound Marketing platform allows you to manage the whole process more effectively and generate better results.

Everything you need

to do Inbound Marketing

We implement in your business a solution that will help you increase traffic to your website or data capture pages, convert leads and measure ROI.
We can create, automate, measure and optimize all digital marketing in one place.

  • CRM to manage customers.
  • Tools for publishing on social networks.
  • Sending personalized emails.
  • Automation of mail flows.
  • A follow-up to sales management.
  • and much more...

A Powerful CRM

get to know your clients in depth

  • Organized management of contacts / companies / businesses
  • Automatic recording of website visitor activity
  • History of actions taken with each contact: calls, emails, meetings, notes, etc.
  • Identification and qualification of potential customers.
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • 100% in the cloud

Digital Marketing

Integrated into your CRM

  • Creation of data capture forms
  • Administration of publications in social networks
  • Contact list segmentation
  • Creating and sending personalized emails
  • Chatbots for automated conversations
  • and much more...

Business Stages

visible at all times

Get an up-to-date view of your entire sales funnels in one highly visual panel.

Organize your won and lost transactions, scheduled appointments and sent contracts over any period of time and analyze performance against established sales goals.

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